We provide comprehensive digital solutions for your factory. KIKAI IOT FACTORY collect the data from machines, save data to our cloud or your server and provides real time reports, notifications. KIKAI IOT FACTORY is the platform for smart factories in the 4.0 era.


We provide the comprehensive business management solution. KIKAI ERP helps enterprises to digitialize data, automate manipulation, normalize processes, visualize reports and optimize efficiency. KIKAI ERP is your partner in the 4.0 era.


The smart electrical metering suitcase can measure, analyze over 60 indicators in residential and industrial electrical networks. Data is synced to the cloud, allowing users to monitor results in real time from any where. There are 2 options: Mi550 or ME440 model.


We provide HR resource management solution help automate operations, reduce traditional paperwork, and simplify all data entry operations to free up labor for the staff. KIKAI HRM is the optimal solution in human resource management for businesses.


Tư Vấn Chuyển Đổi Số

Digital Transformation Consultant

We provide digital transformation consulting services, including investigating the current state of the system and hearing requirements. proposing the appropriate digital transformation plan, model, and roadmap for each customer. At the same time, we also provide a trial demo service for you to understand what you might have

Gia Công Phần Mềm

Software Development

We provide software development services including survey, consulting, design, implementation, testing, warranty, software upgrade. We also provide customization services to suit each customer's operating process.



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